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Mystery Most Georgraphical
Malice Domestic, April 2018

Mystery Most Historical
Malice Domestic, April 2017

Fish Out of Water
Guppies Spring, 2017

The Whole She-Bang 3
Canadian Sisters in Crime, 2016

The Whole She-Bang 2
Canadian Sisters in Crime, 2014

Susan Daly
Woman of Mystery

Me in Fiesole*

"My Night with the Duke of Edinburgh"

I had a ton of fun writing this Caper story for the next Guppies Anthology,
Fishy Business,
to be published early in 2019

"Murder on the Northern Lights Express"

My latest short crime story is part of the
Malice Domestic 2018 Anthology
Mystery Most Geographical

May 25, 2017

Arthur, hanging round my front door.

A refugee from the mind-numbing, soul-destroying worlds of banking and insurance, I have at last found peace and happiness killing off deserving victims and restoring order in a world increasingly in need of justice.

What amazes me even more is finding that people like my short stories, and even buy the anthologies they're in. Yes, yes, I know that's how it's supposed to work.

It's still amazing.

*Photo credit: a passing stranger from Brooklyn


My short story
"A Death at the Parsonage"
won the 2017
Arthur Ellis Award
for Best Short Story.

Libraries will get you through times without money
better than banks will get you through times without books